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64GB SD cards?

Guest targetbsp

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I don't need that much space yet - but I might one day!


The day isn't far off now. :D  And I'm getting a HUDL 2 this week which I guess I'll need a card for so want to know if I can buy a 64GB for the Blade and use its 32GB in the HUDL, or just buy a 32GB for the HUDL.


Anyone tried a 64GB yet?




They work in the HUDL2 apparently so I've ordered one and if the Blade won't take it, it'll go in the tablet.  Will report back. :D

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im using 32gb micro sd card for my blade and works fine,i didnt try 64 but i think its work


The phone specs list 32GB as its max.  Hence the question. :)  A 32GB should indeed work no problem.

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