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Battery life SUCKS. Just me?

Guest Jimbob2005

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Guest Jimbob2005



So I've had my Hudl since launch day and have had a very poor experience with its battery life.  I followed the original first-time charging instructions.


To be fair, I'm new to Android (and have to say I love it), so maybe there's something really obvious happening.


Here's what's happening:


1) I fullly 100% charged my Hudl at 5.30 last night.

2) Switched on Airplane mode.

3) Used for 10 minutes with HDMI out.

4) Switched screen off and went to bed.

5) This morning, 10am the battery life @ 30%

6) Battery control panel says "Tablet Idle" was the top drainer @ 66%.


Any help massively appreciated.





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Guest hippy dave

Tablet Idle is presumably the same thing as Phone Idle, which I think is to do with mobile networks, that the Hudl doesn't use. On the Nook Simple Touch, disabling Phone Idle greatly improves the battery life. Might have to be done with adb or something, as you can't disable it from the app settings.

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Guest Jimbob2005

OK, so turns out this is just me......Tesco tech suppport have concluded this is a faulty battery and have authorised a swap to a new one.


Happy with that.



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