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SD card...what am i doing wrong?

Guest pete_thomson

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Guest pete_thomson

Had my Hudl about a week. Bought a 32GB card an popped it in and chucked some TV shows on to test prior to going on holiday for a week. All OK.

In chuck a load of music, TV shows and films on a 256GB ssd in a USB caddy, pack it with my usbotg cable with the intention of copying the stuff I wanted each day from the ssd to the SD card each day.

First problem. Ssd is formatted NTFS so the Hudl sees nothing on there. Luckily I have my laptop so I copy from the ssd to the SD card there. Everything OK until I hit the films. At over 4GB they fail.... Card is fat32. format the card as exfat and try again. Everything fine.... Until I put the card back in the hudl and tries to mount it, it simply says the card is damaged. If I put the card back in my laptop it says it needs formatting. Chkdsk /f fixes it straight away, but pop it back into the hudl.....comes up damaged. Rinse and repeat.

Any thoughts?


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Guest Grumpydev

The max file size for a FAT partition is 4gig, and the Hudl (and android in general) doesn't support ExFat or NTFS so neither of those are an option. There are apps in the store though, like the Paragon one ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paragon.mounter&hl=en ) that will let you mount them, but you'll need to root your device first.

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Guest glossywhite

No exfat? Seriously? There was me thinking it was 2013. At least I know now.

Thanks for your help


If Microsoft refuse to publish specifications for their proprietary, oddball filesystems, then you can hardly blame anyone except Microsoft. You have to wait for the free software community to reverse-engineer  exFAT and release free software source code for it. 



Who'd want to use their inferior, closed systems is beyond me, when free software filesystems such as BTRFS exist:



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