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How to select 5Ghz wireless mode?


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Finally got my Hudl today - looks very impressive!


Before I start playing around with rooting/customising here's a simple question that I can't figure out just yet: -


Q. How do you configure the Hudl to work on the 5Ghz wireless band in android? :unsure:


i.e. your wireless network is advertised on both 2.4 and 5 bands but you want to be able to just connect via the 5Ghz band (having to operate on both bands due to legacy kit etc).


It must be easy surely or have I missed something in my understanding. All the advertising and tech specs confirm it'll work on both bands. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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It's great what a bit of google'ing can find out, changed the 5Ghz band being used due to this post (http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1lid5l/wifi_issues_nexus_4_43/), yes it relates to the Nexus 4 but was worth a try and what would you know - the Hudl jumps straight onto the 5Ghz band - magic :D


In essance it may well be related to these 'non-DFS' channels - not sure about these yet will do so more research, but in the here and now, Hudl is happy connecting on the 5Ghz channel - inSSIDer now sees my network on this band and all is well.............


Anyone else experienced this?

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