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Exasperated trying to repair digitiser on my OSF!

Guest jdcampbell

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Guest jdcampbell

My son broke his touchscreen digitiser and so I bought a replacement from eBay. It worked initially but stopped working very soon afterwards. I tried a replacement from the same supplier and that did not work at all.


Putting the broken digitiser back on worked, so I put this down to the eBay digitisers being of poor quality.


I subsequently bought a non working OSF with a good original digitiser. I fitted it and tested it before reassembling. It worked. Then I reassembled the phone and it didn't work.


Putting the old broken digitiser back on it works every time, but whatever I try the unbroken replacement no longer works at all. I am exasperated!!


Any ideas if I could be missing something?


My OSF is an original OLED one - is it possible that the spare digitisers Ihave been getting are from the later TFT version and that fitting them causes a failure? That seems unlikely to me but I am incredibly frustrated trying to get this resolved.



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