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Problem with Mms and Unicode (can pay $$)

Guest zppinto

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Guest zppinto

I have a Jiayu G3S and a Mms.apk that doesn't work properly when sending SMS to a none Android Phone (Square characters are displayed, instead of the real characters, when special characters are used, such as "é ã á" etc)
So I have tried more than 30 "mms.apk" (at least) that I've found on the Internet including the ones in xda forum and also from different ROMs.
From my "research" and "experiment" I got 2 Mms.apk that almost work...

-> Automatically convert the message to unicode and I don't want that. I just want to bypass the square problem.
-> MMS works properly

-> SMS is sent correctly and with all the correct accents and simbols.
-> MMS doesn't work, and the application is Force Closed

I have decompiled, compare them, and I have tried to make them functional, but I think I don't have enough knowledge to do it.

If someone can help me fix one of them, I really appreciate it!

I can pay to the one who solves me the problem... Send me PM to deal a price.


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