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Can't access Playstore or sign in to Google

Guest Argonaut

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Guest Argonaut

Only happened recently ... on my Samsung SG2 mobile phone. GT-I9100  running 4.1.2    no customization

When I go to Playstore I can't get any updates or new Apps it tells me my Google account is not logged in.

I go to accounts ... and my Google accounts says sync error against my @Googlemail account but the @gmail account is sync'ing fine.
(Neither are used for email)

When I go the Google App it has 'Sign in' button at top right ... when I click on it, the Login window showing gmail account opens but as soon as I click on password field it closes widow and goes back to main Google screen.

Same is I slect Sign in from left hand menu

Error seemed to coincide with the time I changed pwd on my youtube account.

Where do I need to go to update password?

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Guest maniac_mouse

Have you tried clearing the play store cache? That usually sorts out weird issues like this.

Go to settings->apps>running and stop the app, then go to all apps and clear the cache and the data for play store, then reboot.


One other thought, I think youtube is tied up with that bloody awful google+ thing now, did you accidently take them up on the offer to use @gmail instead of @googlemail?

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