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[STOCK ROM] REPACK B199 Android 4.1.1 G510/Y300

Guest ShockeyCzT

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Guest martand

after when i do reset all settings, and when phone turn on it lost top gadgets which i need slide down "gps,data,profile" and all other. After when i do update programs from google play phone lost navigation.

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Guest racky29

anyone wanting to keep WiFi on or off during sleep


this is a build.prop line ive used on a different phone 4,1 rom

it may work if added to this build.prop


ro.platform.has.sleeppolicy=false  -  (wifi off during sleep)


ro.platform.has.sleeppolicy=true  -  (wifi on during sleep)


although i cant remember if i got the true and false descriptions right there

can give them a go - see if they work.


saved me having to have an app installed to do it

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Guest darktall

@ShockeyCz Can you please explain me how to unpack and repack huawei stock roms i want to repack b175 india channel rom i am very glad to you if you explain me provide me valid links . Thanks in advance and your repack is awesome.

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Guest jonmac73

with stock all works, games have the best performance, i suggest you to trill a small stock rom without all huawei apps so to let you more ram free, and yes you have to flash all via twrp (update it at the last twrp if you have not)


Hi, sorry for basic Q's.....

can I install this on stock UK G510-0100 running B195 update from UK Vodafone ?

Do i need to root & install TWRP or similar ?

How can I get back to current stock in case of return ?


Am at point of taking this back & getting Moto G - keeps running out of memory, doesn't recognize SD card, have to clear cache on certain apps etc.


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Guest fonz93

Yes, you need to unlock your bootloader and install latest TWRP to flash this ROM, if you don't want to do so, i suggest you to install the update.app

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Guest energizem

it would be nice if some1 who removed all application that aren't required, post screen or something, when i try to remove apps i usualy remove good ones too, and phone wont turn on again

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