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Arriva ticket app

Guest philharle

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Would someone be able to try out the Arriva M-Ticket app on their San Deigo please (stock Orange ICS if poss)


Since the update to Version 3 of the app I'm unable to get it to load.


When launching from the Play Store you get an error about it wanting to reboot. Arriva suggest running it from the android app list instead, but this doesn't load. The phone waits a couple of seconds then continues as normal without loading the app.


I'm wondering if it's not x86 compatible. Arriva say it should work on 'all Android phones' however I've a feeling they mean 'all ARM based phones'. It'd be useful if someone else could try this out so I can advise them further.



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Just tried it (on Xolo) and it just keeps telling me an application restart is required. Going off the reviews it's got some serious problems.


Cheers. The developers claim this is 'expected' behaviour when launching the app via the Store or via a shortcut. If you launch it from the app list on your phone its supposed to work, but I don't even get any messages this way.

Yep, looks like a seriously flawed app. Shame, as it used to be very useful before the update last week, and I can't grab the old APK from anywhere :-(

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