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Hudl keeps getting stuck when copying images; driving me mad!

Guest TescoHudl

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Guest TescoHudl



I often copy photos from my laptop to my portable devices, such as my old Nexus 7 and iPhone 4 (Which have now both been sold). I've got the Hudl now, so i copy my pictures to that instead. 

The photos i transfer to the Hudl are usually in folders of about 130 images. They must be kept in those folders because the images are related to each other. The total size of the folders on average is usually about 80mb each. I like to copy the folders to the Hudl in bulk, but the problem is, the Hudl can't handle that. Even when copying just two folders at a time, the transfer will freeze and Windows Explorer will crash. The Hudl then becomes completely unresponsive in Windows Explorer, so i have to unplug it and plug it back in again. As soon as the Hudl is unplugged from the computer, Windows runs fine. But when it's plugged in following a freeze, Windows will become very sluggish and completely unusable. 
When i'm trying to copy some pictures and the device constantly refuses to co-operate, i end up getting really mad and loose my temper with it big time. It is really frustrating to sit there for hours trying to copy some images which should have taken less than ten minutes maximum. The really annoying bit is how the entire computer suffers as a result of the Hudl's freezing. Windows Explorer shows up as 'Not responding' and i have to open up task manager and reboot it, then disconnect the device and plug it back in again.
I reckon to transfer 1GB of images to my Hudl, it takes me over an hour because of this problem. I have to transfer the folders individually which takes ages, and it also means i can't do anything else while i'm waiting because as soon as i start doing another task, the file transfer has finished and i have to set the next one going.
I tried swapping the cable for my Nexus 7 one, and it made no difference to the issue whatsoever.
Is anyone else here having this problem, and also more importantly, does anyone have a solution to it?
Cheers! :)
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Guest Detection

I use FTPServer app on the Hudl and FileZilla FTP Client on the PC to transfer files to and from the Hudl


FTPServer (Free)



FileZilla (Free)



No cables required if the Hudl is connected to WiFi


Just set up the FTPServer app with a username and password and I use port 2020, make sure to tick the boxes to accept connections from your local network / any network and choose SDCard as the main Dir


Then inside FileZilla (Site Manager), add a new connection with those same details (Normal Login type), and press connect, you should be greeted with the Hudl directory you chose in FTPServer


That's the setting up done, from then on, all you need do is open FTPserver on Hudl and connect with FileZilla > Drag n Drop your files from PC to the Hudl from inside of FlieZilla


Never had any freezing or crashing using that method

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Guest Droibles

An alternative and slightly simpler method if you're Hudl/PC are both on the same WiFi network is to use a File Manager app on Android that supports connections to network based Windows shares.


You can then setup a Windows share on your Windows PC - too long to go into here, but you can find details of how to do this by searching in Google for "how to setup share on windows abc" abc = your version of windows.


On my Hudl I personally use "FileManager HD". There are other apps that will work, I just happen to use this one. From the app you can select the "Network" option and get it to scan your network for PCs/servers that offer file services. If you've setup a share correctly on your Windows PC, the PC will appear when you scan, tap it and connect to it using your normal Windows username/password. You can then bookmark this for connection later.


Once you have a connection to your Windows share from within FileManager you can simply browse to the share, select the files/folders, copy them and then browse in the same app to your Hudl storage and paste them. It should then copy your files over the WiFi. I find this much easier than connecting the Hudl to the PC via USB - especially with all the challenges of connecting USB devices to Windows.


With a fast WiFi connection you can copy photos pretty quickly. I've copied about 20Gb of audio/photos onto the SD card in my Hudl using this method with no freezes at all.

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Guest TescoHudl

Thanks for those suggestions chaps. I will look into the Internet file sharing option and see if i can get it working on my Hudl. It would be quite good because i could also transfer stuff to my Moto G at the same time, keeping both the devices in sync. 


My Internet is a bit slow at times, especially in the evening, but hopefully the speed is sufficient enough to copy the large files across to the Hudl/Moto G.


Cheers! :D

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