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[ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

Guest Spacecaker

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Guest Spacecaker

i got full day without seeder and theme...maybe that was the cause of freezes...

greenify is a app that freezes apps...

i self think its useless to have that

just let it all run and such

just swipe all from recents and that should be it.

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Guest Spacecaker

Works very well , no restart or freezes but why when battery is at 16% the phone shut down ? It`s something on settings ?

nah i dunno


it also happened to me on stock rom with 14% 


seems to be overcharge or something ?


fault with batter yreading or such :/

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Guest Spacecaker


today i mighr be able to upload

netspeeds are skyrocketing down :/

took me 4 hours to get tto 15% of upload :/


reverted stuff

that probaply caused the issues


No more toggle issue

superuser proper

ported small stuff of Kitkat

and new platlogo and such

and some regular fixes

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