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Guest josalaito

Hi, i compiled TWRP from sources, i'll have the phone next week so now i'm working with other testers, but with two builds, i made a bootable recovery, so i'm going to post here my progress.


STATUS: Boot, graphical glitches(Colour and Distortion).

Distortion problems are fixed in my next build.


Progress: Now i'm working in a custom graphics.c and should be working today or tomorrow.




There is two version, because some devices has ramdisk offset 0x01 and other 0x02(I don't know why), you should try both, or flash stock uk rom and use 0x01.


0x01 link: http://d-h.st/PWY


0x02 link: http://d-h.st/xjc


Images(With colour distortion):



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