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ZTE V967s and Zopo ZP820 - which one to pick?

Guest deksman2

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Guest deksman2

As the thread title suggests... I'm looking to get myself a new affordable smartphone which will last a while.

Up until now I've been using ZTE Blade (the first one), and I still do (its 2 years and 10 months old now), but the little guy is showing its age I'm afraid what with the keyboard being relatively slow, etc.

Most of the slowness is easily attributed to using 4.2 Android on it, but other than that, the device itself works ok (except of course the battery also isn't that durable anymore) and I liked the premise I could accelerate apps UI with the GPU... but granted, I think its time for a change because even that is not fluid.


At any rate, I was looking at ZTE V967s and Zopo ZP820.

Generally they both seem to be pretty much the same, except I'm a bit iffy on certain things.

Namely, both seem to use the same CPU, except that the ZP820 essentially has an overclocked version of it (by about 20% - which is what AnTutu benchmarks reflects). Other than that, I am also puzzled by the GPU's. On one end, people seemingly suggest that the PowerVR SGX 544MP is better than Mali-400 MP, while of course others will say differently.


I tried looking for comparisons, but the results were sketchy at best, and some websites seem to suggest the SGX 544MP is better, while others seem to indicate Mali-400 MP is better.


Other than than that, I'm not too concerned about 20% difference in CPU speeds because its not a big deal.

What I'm thinking about more are the differences in camera qualities.

Again, some people say the ZTE is better, while others claim Zopo is better.


Furthermore, I was unable to find any moded ROM's for Zopo, while the support for V967s seems to be a lot better in that area.


One other thing... the screen sizes.

Both devices seem to have 5" screens, and yet the ZP820 seems to be a bit wider than V967s (though I think this is more of an optical illusion created by the external design casing).


P.S. I'm looking at the respective devices on PandaWill and AliExpress. PandaWill seems to have lower prices and both deliver for free to Croatia (which is where I'm at).




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Guest deksman2


I picked THL W200.


I also thought about getting the NO. 1 N3 smartphone which has a much higher capacity battery, larger screen (which doesn't seem to present any issues), as well as better cameras and motion sensor - but it costs the same as THL W200 ($180) - but at the time I mistakenly thought it might have been too large.

Oh well, the THL W200 is still pretty sweet overall - mostly same specs except for the cameras and battery.


My only beef with these 5" phones is that they seem a bit too long. They should have offered those 5" screens in a bit wider format.

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