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Android 4.3 now available.

Guest Simon O

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Guest Simon O

From http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2013/12/26/tegra-note-7-ota/



We upgraded our Tegra NOTE 7 tablet platform with an over-the-air update today with new features and capabilities.

We’ve enhanced the Tegra NOTE stylus experience, adding support for left-handed users and improvements in overall response. We’ve also added a DirectStylus help option under the device setting’s menu, a stylus removal and insert notification on the notification bar, and given users the ability to capture the notification bar with full-screen capture.

In addition to these new features, Tegra NOTE 7′s camera gets always-on high-dynamic range (AOHDR) capability, which provides more lifelike images across a range of lighting conditions. AOHDR utilizes Tegra 4’s processing power and Chimera computational photography architecture. We’ve also added video stabilization for shake-free video, in addition to tuning and optimizations to improve camera performance under certain lighting conditions.

From an OS perspective, Tegra Note 7 now sports the Android 4.3 Operating System.

Finally, in addition to security and bug fixes, we’ve added the ability to transfer app and data files from internal memory to an external microSD card.

Look for this update now on your Tegra NOTE 7 tablet from EVGAADVENTGigabyte, Shenzhen Homecare Technology, ZOTAC and XOLO.

- See more at: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2013/12/26/tegra-note-7-ota/#sthash.by6PSLMt.dpuf


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Guest harmohn

Just noticed options for displaying battery percentage in statusbar, and fullscreen quick toggle options under Display settings. Were those there prior to the 4.3 update? Unsure myself, but nice to have :-)

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Guest causeway

Downloaded it, seems like the touch screen works better for lefties, yet to try the camera. Will need to see if the mystery battery drain is sorted. Still haven't had much luck with the GPS finding a fix, which is a big thing for me

Full screen option definitely wasn't there in 4.2.

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Guest Patrick73

I updated mine at 11:30am and it seems to work.

I have download a 550mb game and I found the back got very warm all over.


Also I have noticed that you can connect and use TWO Bluetooth Devices at a time.


I have the Bluetooth Moga Pro controller and a Bluetooth Wireless Logitech speaker adapter ( Pc world just over £25 )

And when I was showing someone the controller I noticed it also connected to the Logitech speakers at the same time.

The Moga Pro worked like this on both A and B Modes.


Not sure if you could do that before update but it does do it on mine.



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Guest shoobirdy

I'm having some issues with WiFi connectivity - not sure if it was there prior to the 4.3 update.  


Basically, sometimes when I pay a visit to toilet and have a read (it's replaced all my newspapers and magazines lol) I'll lose my WiFi signal - not concerned with that so much as I think I get a lot of interference in my flat from our baby monitor - but the problem is that when I get back in range it won't reconnect.


If I check in the WiFi settings it's seeing my router with good strength and clicking on it gives me the "forget this network" notification so it's suggesting it's connected - but in the notification bar at the top there's no bars and I get no reception.  Even toggling aeroplane mode off/on will not resolve this - I have to do a complete reboot.


It's not a complete deal breaker for me...but let's just say I'm hoping it's a software thing and not a hardware one - can't be bothered taking it back and replacing it etc.

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