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using dd to clone 2 GB card onto 16 GB and then resize? Or from scratch?

Guest lordofazeroth

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Guest lordofazeroth

Currently there is a 2 GB SD Card in my ZTE Blade, which is too small. I'd like to use a 16 GB.

The thing is: I am using apps2SD, because of the little space on the Blade.

So there are 2 partitions on the 2 GB card, one for a2sd and one for storing data.



The Blade is working perfectely, I don't want to install everything from scratch.

Is it wise to clone the 2GB card onto the 16gb with dd and then resize both partitions?


Is there a size limit for the a2sd partition?

Can the a2sd partition have all sizes (e.g. 987 MB), or just specific ones (e.g. 128 mb, 256 mb ... 1GB)


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