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New Moto G Stuck in Boot Loop!

Guest showkit

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Guest showkit

Paul and James you guys have created a really helpful website thinking about nominating you guys for the CNN Hero's ;-)


Hello from the Left Coast here in Santa Cruz, California.


Got my new Moto G yesterday and had been reading about your Root and embarked on my Rooting adventure this morning. I don't consider myself a novice as I have unlocked and rooted (via wugfresh) my nexus 4, 7, 10 and several generations of HDMI TV dongles. I did brick my first nexus 4 trying to root but we don't need to talk about that!


Anyway the process was very different for the Moto G and it took me a while to get the USB drivers installed correctly on my win 7 32bit desktop. Seemed they were competing with the "nexus" drivers installed from wugfresh. Used the wugfresh USBDeview to remove all existing drivers and then was able to see the correct Motorola ADM Interface device in device manager and confirm USB connected via command prompt fastboot devices command. I successfully received the unlock data via fastboot oem get_unlock_data and successfully entered into the Motorola page and they sent me an email with the unlock code. I used this code with fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY command and I entered the code crossed my fingers and hit the enter key.


Soon my Moto G was displaying the Red "Bootloader Unlocked" message and shortly the Moto G started to boot up first displaying several of the small world images then the display went dark. I believe I have achieved "BOOTLOOP"


So now when I hold the power button long enough the moto turns off then immediately reboots. If I hold down the vol down and power button I can boot into fastboot and it appears I can successfully communicate from command prompt with the Moto G in fastboot.


Any ideas to get me out of this mess? Can I use command prompt fastboot to reset, restore or flash a stock image and start over?


Got a call into Moto Customer Service, guess they're getting a lot of calls? Say will call back?


Any help is appreciated.


Pura Vida,


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Guest plewis1981

I you can use command promt then, I would try flashing the your local stock ROM, as I believe that this will wipe everything and install from scratch, and you have nothing to loose but possibly everything to gain.

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Guest redimusmaximus

Hello. I ran into the same problem as above. I was unlocking the bootloader when it happened. the cmd promt said unlock complete then after that said failed. Now im stuck in boot. it's a M world logo with only water behind that kinda ripples. In bootloader it says unlocked. Does anybody know how I can flash the stock firmware? I have no problem going back to locked. I just want the phone working again. thanks for any help.  



US boost mobile version


(bootloader) Device already unlocked!
FAILED (remote failure)
finished. total time: 0.015s
this is the error i get
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