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Want to get KitKat but....if this true....

Guest markhuges

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So I got the update and thinking if I should install it

I have two questions.

Is this true someone said


)Today I compared two Moto G (mine with german KK, the other one from my mother with 4.3). Surprise: minimum/maximum brightness is higher in KK. This means that SOC time will be reduced at the end of the day for most users... Can't complain though, if I got 6 SOT on 4.3 now I get around 5h on KK, which now makes sense because I didn't understand what happened.

On Moto G Kit kat makes the screen brighter > This means the screen is brighter > This will cause battery life OVERALL to fall... right? compared to 4.3 jelly bean '''

On xda fourm.


So does that mean you will get a lower battery in KitKat

Can someone give feedback on this and the battery with KitKat thank you

Question two

On KitKat the transparent pannel buttons at the bottom. If I have Nova launcher. I'm guessing. I will still get the transparent panel right ?


Question 3


Can you get Text Wrap?




To thoses have Kitkack post your feedback 
Thank you very much :)

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