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[ISSUE] Call End Beep Tone

Guest vNa5h

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Guys if you have noticed...


In these roms

rootbox 4.2.2

cm10.2 nov/dec build


There used to be a beep tone when u end a call..
which was played through the main external speaker instead of phone earpiece speaker..


In these ROMS

cm10.2 oct build

cm11 zeelog build


its fine and plays through the earpiece speaker as it does in other phones..

what can be the exact reason that causes it...
my guess is the audio routing problem the same reason ringtone is not played though the speaker when you recieve a call with headphones plugged in...

or can it be as simple as a setting some in some xml file?


also its not some .ogg file in /media/ui or some place else...its some network tone i guess



I have a habit of creating threads with issues that never get solved(the random reboots issue,) anyway another issue..hopes this one gets solved

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Guest ExCaL1BuR

Good point....I had notice that ...... but I think that this issue is not important comparing with others..... On my case I just got used to that.... I think that is not a big deal.... In my opinion ...

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it was not a big deal to me too...infact i didnt notice it in the beginning either...

but one day at work i had to give a missed call to a person ...it was a very quiet room and the beep tone was damn loud enough to cause head turns..awkward moment as phone calls arent allowed


also anyway kitkat doesnt have it..and one day i will have to shift to cm11

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Ask @Zeelog... there is something he does to his roms that makes them smooth and works almost flawlessly....



already PMed him...he said he will look into it..

anyway im planning to shift to kitkat which doesnt have it...

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