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Motorola rubbish support..

Guest kuji

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I tried the moto chat thing on the phone as the OTA wont install.. they are clearly not very good at c/s !


I have recieved this email:


 Discussion Thread   Via Email (Desiree) 01/10/2014 07:24 PM Hi Daniel ,

I do apologize I was not able to schedule the phone for repair since our system is currently updating.

Please verify from your co-worker if he purchased the device through Motomaker or from a Verizon store.

Please respond to this email within 24-48 hours so that we can assist you accordingly.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Desiree  Chat Transcript 01/10/2014 07:07 PM [06:39:18 PM] Hi, my name is Desiree. How may I help you?
[06:39:47 PM] dan: Hey there. Just got my moto x and have a few questions.
[06:39:56 PM] Desiree: I will be more than happy to assist you on this.
[06:40:04 PM] Desiree: Go ahead, please.
[06:40:23 PM] dan: First off, it doesn't seem like my screen is locking when I push the side button to turn it off
[06:41:07 PM] Desiree: Are you referring to the power key to put the phone in sleep mode?
[06:41:44 PM] dan: In privacy, I have screen lock set to slide, but when the screen is off and I push the button to run it back on, the screen turns back on without having to slide
[06:41:48 PM] dan: Yes I am
[06:42:58 PM] Desiree: Oh, I see.
[06:43:49 PM] Desiree: Before we proceed, could you provide me the serial number of the phone please, type in star, pound, 06, pound  on the Dialer. Then look for the IMEI.
[06:45:08 PM] dan: Yes, I e secind
[06:45:16 PM] dan: One second*
[06:46:43 PM] Desiree: Sure.
[06:47:55 PM] dan: Did you get that?
[06:48:55 PM] Desiree: Nope.
[06:49:18 PM] Desiree: Could you provide me the cell phone number associated with the device please?
[06:49:37 PM] dan: 99xxx9 is the imei
[06:49:51 PM] dan: 84xxxx is the phone number
[06:50:20 PM] Desiree: Thank you.
[06:51:12 PM] Desiree: Have you tried turning off and on the device to correct this issue on the phone?
[06:52:08 PM] dan: Yes
[06:53:24 PM] Desiree: If that is the case, you have to do clear the cache partition on the phone.
[06:53:41 PM] Desiree: Please open this link for the steps: https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/prod_answer_detail/a_id/94946/p/30,6720,8696/kw/cache
[06:56:06 PM] dan: In, I'll try that. In the mean time, can I ask another question?
[06:56:23 PM] Desiree: Sure.
[06:58:08 PM] dan: It seems that my home button does not work
[06:58:40 PM] dan: When I touch it it flashes and vibrates as usual, but nothing else happens
[06:59:03 PM] Desiree: My apologies.
[06:59:03 PM] Desiree: May I ask for the place and date of purchase of the device?
[06:59:41 PM] dan: I bought it today from a co worker. He got it about a week ago, he said
[06:59:59 PM] Desiree: Where did he purchase the phone?
[07:00:27 PM] dan: I believe he got it from the Verizon store. Not sure about that though
[07:00:53 PM] Desiree: If that is the case, let me inform you that most Motorola products have a standard one-year warranty from the date of purchase barring physical or liquid damage.You may send the phone in for evaluation and repair.

[07:01:08 PM] Desiree: The timeframe for repair is 5 working days from the day we received the unit.
[07:01:26 PM] Desiree: You can also check the place of purchase for other warranty options.
[07:02:23 PM] dan: I see
[07:02:51 PM] Desiree: Would you like to send the device for repair?
[07:03:29 PM] dan: I guess that might be for the best. I still have my old phone that I can reactivate in the mean time
[07:04:50 PM] Desiree: I could schedule the phone for repair and you will receive an email instruction on how to send your phone or  repair. It includes the RMA/Request number and the address on where to send the phone. You will receive this  email instruction within 30 minutes. Please check on your inbox, spam or junk mail.
[07:04:59 PM] Desiree: Could you please provide me with your complete name, physical address and contact number?
[07:05:33 PM] dan: Daniel Hxxxx
[07:05:56 PM] dan: 2xxxx lane
[07:06:08 PM] dan: Mt pleasant, xxx
[07:06:20 PM] dan: 843-xxxxxx
[07:06:24 PM] Desiree: Thank you.
[07:06:38 PM] Desiree: Kindly wait for the email within 30 minutes, okay?
[07:06:47 PM] Desiree: Would there be anything else I could do to assist you today?
[07:06:47 PM] dan: Yes, thank you
[07:06:55 PM] Desiree: You're always welcome.
[07:06:58 PM] Desiree: If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye!
[07:07:00 PM] 'dan' disconnected ('Concluded by Agent').  



Funny thing.. that is not me.. that is not the chat I had with them... I redacted some info above

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