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KitKat 4 problems

Guest GOlteanu

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Guest GOlteanu



After updating to 4.4 on my N4, I'm getting a random shutdown, once a day and it take 3-4 minutes to boot up.

I have a clean N4, no root, no recovery no nothing and it was never rooted or anything.


Do you guys know of any bug like this one?

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Guest The Soup Thief

That sucks :-(

I've a dim memory of something on xda where someone described really high battery drain after updating

It was fixed by a factory reset (Settings > Factory data reset)

Bit of a nuclear option, but it solved the problem (assuming I'm remembering correctly).

Alternatively (actually, do this anyway - don't trust my dim recall) look in the n4 section of xda-developers - Problems & trouble shooting

Good luck

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