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CM 10.1 is coming!

Guest schmatzler

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Guest schmatzler



I successfully built Cyanogenmod 10.1 using sources from Konstat and the official zte-kernel from the androidarmv6 project.


I had to remove a lot of things, because the Tureis does not support the Adreno texture format or broke when some memory alignment changes were made in the kernel.


So I had to remove all of these things from the kernel, libgralloc and other framebuffer related files, which took me two weeks.


At the moment the device is running with full hardware acceleration, sound, the LED's are working and RIL also (2G/3G no problem).


I only have to fix the sensors library, FM radio, GPS and the camera (sensor gets recognized but the app is crashing).



I would post an alpha, but my internet connection is really whacky here - so give me 2-3 days maybe? Just wanted to share this big news with you :)

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Guest schmatzler

Excluding GPS and Bluetooth, all functions of the device can be used. And these two things will be fixed in the future, too. I promise. icon_smile.gif

Important: Your SD card needs a swap partition after the main partition. Mine has 150MB and it speeds up the device significantly. Apps will be installed on the SD, because of the limited memory on the device.

See some screenshots attached – the files will be released this evening:








Edit: I haven't posted a release yet, because there is still a bug left when using the sensors. The screen is always turned 90 degrees off. It appears that ZTE has built in the AKM sensor sideways. I will have to edit the sensors library to get an offset calculation in there. Jesus Christ...

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