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Android 4.4 KitKat Beta

Guest trikomlabs

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Guest AbrantesPT

Hi trikomlabs

i have rooted my P6, i dont have recovery instaled.

thats stock rom?

how can i intall?

if i install it, when the oficial KK stock version is released will that beta version update itself? or i will have to install stock room for the oficial KK be instaled by the update menu in options?

thanks in advance!

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Guest mandgeo

This is not the only forum for Huawei, especially P6. Go to xda. There is more animation there.


As far as i know, this is an official leaked beta. The installation is made by placing  the update.app, found in the archive, in a certain folder of the sdcard. The phone has to be started in a certain state (vol +- and power) and the update will begin. Seems confusing...go to xda. You will found all the info you need.

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Guest Feke88

You have to put the UPDATE.APP file into a folder with the name "dload".

Without "..

Place the folder (with the file in it) on the root of your MicroSD card.

When You have this, power off your P6.

Now hold both the vol up and vol down buttons.

Keep holding them and push the power button. When You see the boot animation, release the power button, and keep holding the volume buttons untill You see a black screen with a lots of writings about that the update has begin. Release the keys. Wait...

The phone will boot up automatically after the update.

I don't recommend this KitKat ROM.

I was using it for a few days. The battery drain is horrible! There aren't any Google services. For me it wasn't a problem, as there are a lots of other markets where You can get every stuff needed, but the incredibly fast battery drain made the phone useless..

I recommend You to use the B125 official ROM.

You can find that (and every other ROMs for P6) on XDA.


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