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No recovery at all

Guest 7RA13

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After flashing gen2moldovanmile tpt the phone boots in rom but it has no recovery or boot animation, blade checker says it is gen 2 windows upgraded. When i try to go in recovery, it boots but the screen remains black, rom manager says clockworkmod is installed so what can i do to have a custom recovery which can be used or a stock one doesnt matter as long as it can boot in it so please guys help me out with this one.

Btw when i flash a tpt i dont see any green text or anything, just black screen on. I tried to flash other tpts without roms integrated and it only boots to black screen which instead i think it should be clockworkmod, so if i flash a tpt with a rom it finally boots to rom but no recovery mode and boot animation. Anyone has any idea about what can i do in these conditions ?


After reading a lot of threads i managed to put the pieces of info together and unbrick my device. If I could I would marked this thread SOLVED

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