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I wish to mod an ASUS TF300T... no idea how to do it


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I am new to the world of Modding. 


I have an ASUS Transformer TF300T with the most recent ASUS OTA update of Jelly Bean.  Sadly ASUS are no longer pushing through official updates for my Tablet.


Android Version 4.2.1

Build number  JOP40D.WW_epad-


My ASUS tablet is very laggy and the Battery Life is very poor.  I have checked other websites and countless other ASUS TF300T users have the same problems.


I would like to get a new ROM so that I can hopefully fix the battery life and lagging Tablet problems, but I don't know where to start or how to begin.


Is there a Noob or Idiot Guide or comprehensive walkthrough to hold my hand through the whole prossess of Rooting and then flashing a ROM onto my Tablet?



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