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I can't find a Moto G case which does everything I want!

Guest TygerTyger

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Guest TygerTyger

Edit 3: Went for the official Motorola flip cover, as long as the centred USB jack doesn't get in the way I should be able to use it in a landscaped cradle with the front hanging down.


My requirements, of which I will happily take the nearest best thing.


1. Front cover.

2. Visible notification light.

3. Unrestricted camera in a car cradle.

4. Auto sleep/wake.


It's driving me crazy how difficult this is. It's not even pick any three, it's pick any two. The number of cases that have a cut-out for the earpiece but not the notification light *right next to it* is absurd. Or cases with magnetic tabs which don't trigger sleep/wake. What were they thinking?


I would be happy with something that amounts to a "box" which from which I can *easily* remove the phone for a car cradle, and I'll just get a decent shell, but that's eluding me too.


My sole example that covers everything has one big drawback: it looks very, very cheap. And even then you can only see the notifications via the status bar, which is not helpful when it has auto-sleep.




Edit: The thought occurs that a vertical flip case with visible notification light would do the trick, since the front cover wouldn't get in the way of holding it in a cradle.


Edit 2: Failing all of that, has anybody tried the official Motorola flip case in a car cradle with the cover open? If there's some way of preventing it flapping around or leaving it shut and easily opening then that would work fine.

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