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Lost Wi-Fi and Phone Network on Moto G after installing new Nexus G+ ROM.

Guest TescoHudl

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Guest TescoHudl
Just a quick history of the work i have done to my phone before i talk about the issue i am getting:
- Bought from Tesco.
- Flashed the Stock UK ROM.
- Unlocked bootloader.
- Rooted.
- Unlocked phone network, so i could swap from Tesco to Ovivo mobile, and also so i could flash the US ROM.
- Flashed Stock US 4.4 Kitkat ROM. (So i could get Kitkat earlier than the UK release date).
This evening i flashed a fairly new ROM, called Nexus G+, which adds Nexus 5 features to the Moto G. While setting up Android, i noticed something unusual. When it came up with the 'Select Wi-Fi' screen, it was instantly frozen on 'Turning on Wi-Fi', with the Wi-Fi on/off switch greyed out. Because of this, i skipped the step and continued the installation.
Once Android had been set up, i then discovered another problem. No phone network. The Nexus G+ ROM is based on the US 4.4 Kitkat ROM, but i have an unlocked phone so i don't understand why i would not receive any phone signal. Before flashing this new ROM i had the Stock US ROM on my device, which worked fine with UK phone networks. 
Can anyone here make anything of these problems? I simply don't understand why i can't connect to either my Wi-Fi or my phone network on this modified ROM. 
For the moment i have flashed the Stock US ROM back again, which is working fine with both Wi-Fi and phone network.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers... :)
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Guest TescoHudl

Don't worry about it guys, i managed to get the problem solved on the XDA Developers Forums.


Somehow, reflashing the ROM seemed to fix both of issues i was getting! I don't quite understand why this sorted it out but... at least it's working okay now!


Thanks :)

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