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Camera not working ("Cannot connect to camera")

Guest deadtuning

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Guest deadtuning



I've had a look through the forum, but couldn't find anything related.


I've had my V5 for a few months now and love it to pieces, but recently I've had some issues with the camera. At first it would just not load up the camera with the app locking up (this includes other apps using the camera, like whatsapp, snapchat or any other camera apps). Eventually the usual app not responding message would pop up. By restarting the phone the camera comes back to life, but lately even that's not been working.


Today I tried to open the default camera app and quickly got the "Cannot connect to camera" message. Other apps show this too.


The phone did suffer a drop a few months back, but these problems did not appear until much later.


Is it possible I've dislodged something in the phone,or is it more likely to be a software problem? Has anyone else had any problems similar to this? I was considering doing a factory reset to see if that helps.



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Guest pelelademadera

I would guess that it's a hardware issue, but to make sure run a CWM back-up & re-flash the phone with the same/updated ROM.

I think its hardware... Wrong conne tion or bad contact after the fall.

My phones camera works bad for a month, then fall again and now works good again... No reflash, no factory reset.... Its a bad connection I think

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Guest George_Sh

I may be a little too late, but I'll add my 5 cents.

I also started getting such trouble in 2014, but for me it started from another end - the MediaServer problem.

I noticed mediaserver eating up ~25% of CPU time. After that I accidentally found out that camera locks up at the same time. So the two issues are interconnected somehow,

I read a lot of different workarounds, tried  but ended up using OS Monitor to see when mediaserver locks up and an app called Mediaserver Killer to kill it when necessary.

Nothing else helped including factory reset or reflashing another ROM. The problem returns in some time. BTW, it first appeared when I started using larger SD cards (16-32Gb) with a lot of music.

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Guest deadtuning

Long time no see Modaco. Thought I'd do a little update since I was browsing.


My camera works absolutely fine, and has done for months now. I just did a factory reset (I find because of the way I use my phone I need to do this regularly, because I clog it up with so many useless apps that it's easier to reset than anything else haha) and it worked perfectly. Never had an issue again with the camera. I've done maybe 2 resets in total, and not had any camera problems since the first one.


I've not seen anything with mediaserver, but I will keep that in mind for any future problems I may encounter. I'm guessing I'd maybe installed an app that disagreed with the camera or something (I tend to use a lot of different camera and photo apps until I find one I like, but since the reset I've exclusively used the default app).

And I tend to use a 32gb card, mostly filled with music and videos.


I'm hoping this post won't jinx me and I'll end up with issues again!

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