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Poor WIFI signal.

Guest kevhufc

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Guest kevhufc

Good evening gentlemen.


I hope I am posting this query in the correct place.

I have rooted my Hudl today and as far as I can see, successfully!

One thing I have noticed though is that my WIFI signal strength is low to medium rather than high, like my Netbook which is placed on the same table and the same distance away from my router.

This may have been an issue before rooting but I cannot say I paid too much attention to this issue until now.

Can anybody recommend any fixes that might be available?





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Guest Droibles

Congrats on rooting!


In my experience with the Hudl it isn't as good as it could be at picking up a WiFi signal. I have a Nexus 7 tablet and a Galaxy SII phone which are both much better at pulling in a signal in my house. It really can be that the Nexus will get a WiFi signal and maintain connectivity, but the Hudl just won't. I can sit them next to each other on the table and there will be 1, sometimes 2 bars difference in signal strength.


It's a shame its not better, but doesn't detract from what I still think is an excellent little device.



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