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Guest mrflibbles

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Guest mrflibbles

I tried for the first time since I bought my moto g to use a headset (headphones with mic and button).


It was the headset from an i9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2).


The audio worked fine but I could not get the button to do anything.


I was using Google "Play Music" which appears to be the default media play on our phone.


On ICS when you plug in a set of headphones you get a headphone symbol in the status bar. If you plug in a headset you get a headset symbol. This feature seems to have been dropped for KitKat? I don't see anything.


Anyone had any success using a single button headset with a Moto G running KitKat?

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Guest agstilo

I've used two or three headsets, largely without trouble.


Yes, when you plug in a headset, it does show up - then the button can be used roughly for single click - play/pause, double click - next track, press and hold - if handset is unlocked - voice commands. Not sure if triple click goes back a track, as the button is a bit dodgy on my headset. It's a Sony iPod set, with volume control, but the volume buttons do nothing, Had similar results with a Philips set with no volume control.

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