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Regularly powering off

Guest virgopunk

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Guest virgopunk

Hello there. I'm semi-regular reader of the forum. I wonder if anyone may have some advice on a problem that has recently started happening on my rooted Hudl? Basically the damn thing keeps powering off for not apparent reason. It doesn't do it all the time but often enough to be very annoying. It means I have reboot several times a day. As I said it's only recently started to become a real problem.


I'm using Xposed with Xblast and GravityBox and so wondered if any of the mods might be interferring. My other theory is that it's something to do with the govenor possibly? It's set to cfq and ondemand. The CPU is at max 1416Mhz and min 504Mhz.


Other than my two wobbly ideas about the cause the only other thing I can think of is a HW problem.


All advice gratefully received.



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