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Speeding up / optimizing Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 GT-P1000

Guest Versaci

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Guest Versaci

My old GT-P1010 is showing signs of being...well, old, and slow. Since I have a smartphone, I don't see any reason to use the tab other than to read books, watch youtube and use some navigation since it's way better to look at the that screen than my smartphone's 4".


Anyway, I need some info what options do I have for this? Please note I'm new at Android. I backed up everything from the tab on my computer. Now what? I want to clean it all, to put it in Windows user terms, format and clean install.


I don't really want new Android OS if it causes too much trickery to get it working...basically I will upgrade only if it yields in obvious performance gains.

So some advices on how to do "format clean install" on this device, thanks :)

EDIT : I screwed up the title, I have 
P1010 model 

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