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Can't connect S4 to PC

Guest Argonaut

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Guest Argonaut

Previously used KIES with S2 and always connected OK .... now bought S4.

Plug in Galaxy S4 ... not detected by Windows ... but phone does 'bing' that it is charging.
Start KIES .. plug in S4 ... same ...
nothing appears in 'my computer' 

Try from KIES -  "Troubleshoot connection error"
remove cable then press  'start'
States "reinstalling KIES device driver"  ....

after a while see the sys tray - "installing Device Driver Software"
then that changes to
"Device driver software was not successfully installed  "no driver found"

Reinstalled KIES - same results


Then tried manual approach downloaded driver from Samsung  .. v1.5.33

It commences install, then the same as above ... starts installing .... then error that its not successful.


That is even just on driver install, no phone attached

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Guest andybarker

Make sure that "USB Debugging" is turned off in "Developer Options".


If that doesn't work, take a screen grab of Device Manager showing where the phone is appearing in the tree.  Might come up as an odd device name, but hopefully will be something fairly obvious.

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Guest Argonaut

It does not appear in Dev Mngr  (W7)


Where is   "USB debugging" in settings, I can't find it ..  used to know where it was on previous releases.


I have since found a fix .... but still need to check USB Debugging as you advise.



I removed & reinstalled KIES, manually installed Driver (form Samsung website)  it connected to phone, loaded driver .. and worked, up to point when I tried to load some audio then usual "driver failed to install" message.


However KIES also threw up a message this time .... that it does not support device and I need KIES 3 ...

Installed that and all works fine.

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