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Stable ICS rom for GEN 2 Blade?

Guest ahamid

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Guest ahamid



I been reading through guides and I have come across many different types of roms for the blade. I am currently on Swedish Snow RSL7 however I would like to upgrade to ICS.


I know there are many Cyanogenmod roms, and i think 9 onwards is ICS, but I was wondering if anyone could reccomend one that is stable and fast like swedish snow RSL7.


I did find this rom (http://www.modaco.com/topic/363567-romics404-ics-stable-fast-stock-like-update-200713/)


However I am not entirely sure what Mini Gapps is... I am following this guide (http://sanfranciscoandroid.co.uk/android/how-to-choose-and-install-a-rom/). I am already on gen 2 device. I have tried searching on google and this forum on what I do with a Mini Gapps, I hear a lot about partitioning but not sure what I am supposed to be partitioning.


Any guidance would be much appreciated.



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