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factory reset hudl and "google keyboard stopped working" big problem

Guest wbb1

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Google keyboard stopped working after factory reset.


Now i cant even setup the hudl as it wont let me get past the wifi stage of entering the wifi code.


Each time i click on the area the hudl wont load the keyboard, and i get the google keyboard has stopped working error and cant do anything about it.


i have tried installing a hudl rom of this site from "apply update from external" and that gives error for stock and custom roms.


Now i have a dud hudl that cant do anything but boot up and turn off.


Any help is appreciated.



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Guest Justice™

You should be able to skip the wi-fi configuration, if thats not possible than a USB/Bluetooth keyboard should be all that you need to get past the initial setup to a point where you can install a fresh version of google keyboard. 

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I couldn't skip the wifi configuration, but a usb keyboard with the otg cable worked.


I typed in the code and it went through and installed google keyboard from google play, thanks.


You have saved me a trip to tesco to see if they could restore it. :)

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