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Guest Argonaut

Had S1 & S2, now got myself an S4.
Think I have messed up Calendar, previously used Touchdown, but not using it on this phone.
I installed 'S planner' and it gives views & functionality needed.

The problem is it has syncd with all my Facebook contacts, so have hundreds of birthdays imported.
How can I clear these ... they wont delete.
I thought a workaround would be to use another Calendar app .. tried Goggle Calendar ....but it has copied all the entries.


Under device general settings > accounts it did have "Sync Apps with Facebook" enabled which I assume is the cause ...
I have set to to 'sync disabled'
Still won't allow me to delete any of the Facebook 'birthday' reminders it has filled my calendar with.

Is there a way to reset (empty) the calendar ?

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