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I'm looking for spare parts (battery and battery cover esp.)

Guest karololszak

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Guest karololszak

My Blade is now more than 3 years old, and after replacing a broken screen last year it works as it was new (I update ROM frequently and all that). Unfortunately, my battery is not looking to good. It appears to be swollen, now it has such a bump that I can't close the battery cover properly. It seems dangerous to use it now.
My battery cover has also three out of four press studs broken (I don't know the proper word for it, google translate says its either: press stud, latch or fastener). I mean the things that keep the cover in place, that makes the "click" sound. 

I am willing to buy either new or used battery, as long as it is not swollen, preferably from a member of this forum that has a few posts or a trustworthy ebay seller.
I also want to buy a new battery cover (can't go with a used one, it wouldn't be comfortable for me...). Anyone knows a reliable seller?

I know many of you have already moved on and either sold their Blades or keep them somewhere in case their new phone would break, but maybe somebody has some spare parts (like if somebody has bricked their Blade or something). I am particularly looking for a battery replacement (stock preferably), used one is absolutely fine as long as it can keep me going for about a day, like my old stock battery. 

Photos on imgur (caution, ugly ;) )

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