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Boot loop after water damage

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Hello all :D


I've been a lurker at Modaco for a while. Thank you for the awesome support. Now, I'm in a fix. I'll try to keep it short.


I dropped my ZTE Crescent in water. I took it out as fast as I could. I removed the battery, the SIM Card and the memory card. I kept it to dry for almost a week. Then I kept it in dry rice for another week. I made it as dry as I could. Now it has been almost four months.


Some observations and info:


  • Phone keeps restarting at the Android logo when plugged in to my laptop, but it has reached the Android UI a few times when connected directly to the wall socket using a Samsung charger. I unlocked the screen, and after a few seconds, the phone turned OFF.
  • When connected to AC, it always shows 100% charged. Once I remove the charger the phone turns OFF.
  • I had a partitioned SD card. I had CM7 installed. The phone is unlocked and rooted. I do not have the SD card now.
  • I was able to boot into Recovery, I wiped everything I could (Dalvik, data, system), fixed permissions etc. After wiping everything I have not been able to enter CM7, not even the logo.
  • I can still get into CWM. The version is

I have a few queries as well. Do you think its the battery? Where can I get a new one? Is CM7 still installed in the phone or did wiping remove everything? Is that the reason that phone is stuck at the Android logo w/o showing CM7 after wiping?


I love this phone. I would really love to have it back. On a budget, can't afford a new one now.


I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as my OS. What all do I need to install on it to be able to debug my phone, play around with it? If it is a hardware problem is there anything I can do about it?


I'm not a super newbie. I know my way around. But, I'm no expert. Please bare with me. My exams start on Monday, it will last a week. Please bare with me, I will try to respond as soon as I can.


HELP! :(


Please ask me for any more information you need.

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Guest Typhus_

Hmmm..."dropped my ZTE Crescent in water"...


Sorry, I don't think there's a salvation near by.  :unsure: 



Anyway, the operations you've performed on the recovery didn't remove the ROM. They simply remove all user data, cache, sd-ext data and dalvik-cache.


Have you tried the "Save your dead vivacity" thread?

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