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Volume down getting stuck at random times

Guest nemacx

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Guest nemacx

Hey guys, I just have one problem that I hadn't been able to solve by myself for a long, long time.


Problem, by itself, is hard to explain. From time to time, I'm getting a random volume down stuck. What this means is that my phone lowers the volume by itself, not by me accidentally pressing the volume down key. The problem is solved by pressing the volume up key, and only then, trying to swipe the volume does no good because the phone still continues to lower the volume. After that, you can't use the power button nor the volume down button, it's like they're disabled, you press them and nothing happens. You wait some time, and then you can use them again.


It seems to happen the most when phone is charging and when the battery goes low, but, to be honest, I just couldn't figure out the main cause for this type of behavior. Today I was taking some pictures and suddenly the volume slider came up, showing the volume lowering down rapidly. I've had this problem ever since I first rooted my phone, but it's time to try and figure out the underlying problem.


Phone's hardware checks out, it's perfect (I've had had my doubts in the past, but wherever the phone had been taken, it checked out fine) everywhere I take it it's said that that's a software issue.


So guys, 2 years have past and I need your help, thoughts, advices and similar cases, if there are any, on solving the problem :-) Here's the phone's software information, and if any further information is needed, I'll be happy to supply.




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Guest Typhus_



That's a strange issue. Never happened to me before.


Tell me, does that happen on stock firmware (meaning, stock ROM and stock kernel) ?

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