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Just picked up a Note 7

Guest MickJack

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Guest MickJack

On offer at PC World (or is that Dixon's Carphone) for £114.99 seems like a good buy tho not as cheap as they were doing it at Christmas.

Came with 4.2, ota to 4.3 and then ota to 4.4.2 and a couple of system upgrades, fast and works well.

I was looking for a slightly larger tablet but this seemed to have all I needed including ecompass, gps and gyro sensor.

I am having trouble getting the compass to work, app's claim interference and sky maps, google and sky safari both jump around and have no idea where north/south ect is, would love to use this sort of app anyone with any clues.

There must be some large magnets in the back of the tablet, I can stick it to the fridge ! my guess is this is the interference?

Great toy for now, like the stylus, speed (35000+ antutu) and sound quality (can they be speaker magnets?

Just ordered a the case, pc world again, for £19.99.

Edit: WHAT !! just seen PC World have it back down to £99.99

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Guest Patrick73

I have this tablet and the long Bezel has a issue where it can detect your fingers for around 3-4mm from the screen, so if you have adult sized hands it pickups up the input from there, and it starts to get a pain if you are typing with you right hand and holding it near the screen ( on the bezel ) with your left.


Also if you press the bezel just right the popup comes up for the wall paper settings etc.

Apart from this its a fast and good tablet, Mine was £99.99 30th May.

Just under 15,000 on quadrant standard edition.


Also I know when I had one before you can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. and both work at the same time. I had audio going out over Bluetooth an a Bluetooth mouse all working away at once


Mines gone back as screen fault on bezel was very bad.

Also morgancomputers dot co dot uk are doing them used for £75 plus shipping

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