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Need of old b7610, b7620 and i8000 Custom Roms or Roms

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Hi everybody on modaco,


i'm just testing these three old Samsung phone because of the need of Wm6 for some application for my work. Does anybody has some old firmware Version (special Custom Roms) of these 3 phones. Also i accidently deleted a Custom Rom 6.5.5 23568 of b7610nxxjc2 of a phone lent from someone else. If someone want's to help with some old fw files - mybe on you backup disk - i would appreciate it very much. maybe a short message, what version you can offer. Thanks also to all of your hard work. i'm possible to send you a temporary upoad link to ftp the files. pls ask a pm.


Thanks Andreas


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something like this ?


 it is in filippino language. use google translate to register and then download

why you want only custom ROMS ? almost all of them have minor problems. i suggest to use original latest firmware.

also why you use omnia2 phones ? better use ARM cortex A9 cpu phones such as HTC HD2 or TOSHIBA TG02

you can do more things with their power and customize ability

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