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Hello, and Strange problems with my LG Optimus Dynamic (LG-L38c)

Guest smallhagrid

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Guest smallhagrid

Just got my 1st ever Android phone.
Right now I need a little help with it and that is what has brought me here.


Part of some changes I am making brought me to the point of needing this phone.

I lucked out (IMO) and got an LG Optimus Dynamic (LG-L38c) with Android 2.3.6 made for Net10 which included a 4GB SD card - for all of 19.99. (I did NOT, nor do I plan to activate any account with Net10 at all.)

I rooted it right away (that was nice & easy !!).

There are some general sorts of things that I would like to fix with it if it is possible to do so, and will appreciate any helpful pointers or guidance:

I use Sipdroid for VOIP calling - and the default 'slide to answer' screen comes on when I get a call - but is VERY temperamental - I'd like to have a simple button to answer/hang up - is there a working app or other alternative for this, please ??

I want to lock/unlock my screen 100% manually as I am at home most of the time and the phone just sits on my table waiting to be used.
Is there an app or any easy way to accomplish this, please ??

I really only want this phone to have a few uses, so would like to somehow archive the excess apps someplace and remove them; but be able to put any back later if I change my mind about them. (I do have 'Root App Delete' but no backup app of any sort yet.)
Would someone tell me the best way to go about this please ??

I'd like to be able to totally backup this phone's config, files etc. & be able to restore it easily should it get screwed up - would someone advise me as to what is really good as well as easy for this, please ??

I use Trillian Pro on my PC and with that it is easy to make voice calls to other Trillian users.
The Android version seems to only do IMing=> is there some way to get it to do voice calls, or - if not, is there something which has both a windows AND Android app that allows voice calling between both things that anyone here can recommend, please ??

Thanks for any help.

Best Wishes to All !!

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