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[KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Synopsis Kernel For Cyanogenmod and SlimKat

Guest fonz93

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Guest wbrambley

This is a test version for SlimKat: http://www.mediafire.com/download/09ni7edgm9017ns/Synopsis+Kernel+25-07+SlimKat.zip, i did some personal changes (deleted moddingg33k's OOM values and disabled zRAM by default at boot), i'll revert those changes in normal builds

Seems to be working OK, nothing broken so far. Will do some more testing tomorrow.
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Guest luca020400

Ok, new experimental version available for CyanogenMod and SlimKat.

Fonz can you create a mediafire folder with only the stable version ??

In this way is more clean

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Guest ZolaIII

Don't repack it! We are again at the starting point to do a hot plug tuning based on a new calculations. Currently its only very power friendly bat not & performance friendly.

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