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Is my phone totally bricked or is there a hope? PLZ Help Me!!!

Guest BhushanLMT

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The phone do not go into any mode except SD download mode which shows error.

I tried to install new ROM through Acer LMT tool. The process went smooth and showed success in the program but my phone don't wake up from the sleep... :( I tried fastboot but it show waitng for device and don't go any further than that. Only thing positive is my PC recognize that the phone is connected.

Please help me out..... I know the phone is low on RAM and memory and all. But I have many good memories with it. Please help


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I had a hard way. But this informations I have collected:


Q: All *.bin are down. How can I find (extract) the bin file

A: Download the build you are searching for from the acerside (its a zip-file with an exe in it) , install it.

Don't close the setup wizard
open: C:\Program Files\Acer Inc\Acer LiquidMT Tool\acer_EuuDownload_Tool\acer_MergedOSFile
that is the bin file you are looking for.


My MT120S was bricked and I have installed the only bin a could find, with was an GEN2 (for Asia), now am not able to flash a other bin, because it doesn´t except a GEN1.bin.

USB istn´t responding (so no ADB, AcerDownloadTool and no updateingtool is working) I only can use SD Card-mode.

In SD Card Mode the S120

-checks the language (Gen1 or Gen2) so if you have already installed one of them>no chance

-If you use a downgrade (4.001 installed, back to eg. 3.00x) you get an invalid file massage

-If you use an upgrade (4.001 installed, up to 4.013) you get: "wrong MD5 checksum...are you a hacker"

So. If YOU only see the "Acer"-logo and you aren´t able to boot or get into the recovery.
Go to "SD Card mode" (Vol- and Cam and Power)
Insert a SD Card and copy the !right! "...Gen1.bin" for Europe/US (or "....Gen2.bin") for Asia to
the following folder  (SdCard:\)acer_ug/acer_xx

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