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LG Optimus L70 answering calls problematic??

Guest redhawkuk

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Guest redhawkuk

Sorry if this isn't the correct forum but I can't find one dedicated to the L70 and I need urgent info.


A friend of mine overseas has purchased an LG Optimus L70 on Cricket (AIO) and for the most part it has been okay, however answering calls doesn't always work and as a consequence they go to voice mail.

From what I've been told if calls are answered indoors then swiping the screen works but while answering outdoors he has limited success.

He had previously owned the ZTE Prelude which worked correctly in both situations so I very much doubt he's doing something wrong on his part.


As far I can tell the L70 runs Android Kitkat, it has a capacitive touch screen with toughened gorilla glass which seems pretty standard by many handset manufactures.

Perhaps this is an LG firmware / software issue but after doing some searching online I cannot find anyone else suffering from the same problems with regards to the L70.


Has anyone heard of this problem or know what could be causing it??


Is there way to prevent calls going to voice mail or to change no answer ring count threshold??


And finally can anyone recommend a free Google Play app to change the way calls can be answered on Kitkat instead of the default swipe method??


Richard S.

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