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UK EE mvno recommendation

Guest maritimesbob

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Guest maritimesbob


I am currently on Giffgaff and really enjoy thier payg service, unfortunately since moving to rural Cornwall their 3g is not available and the 2g barely loads an email. The talk and text service however is great. In this day and age, most folks want internet.

After trials it has worked out EE offer a solid 3g around here. However Orange, EE and T Mobile payg service seems hidden away or something like they are trying to phase it out. I cannot find any info about their payg options, it's all 4g :(

Can anyone suggest an mvno that uses the EE network and can inclide the option of an auto-renew a bundle every thirty days, an auto top up etc. Giffgaff do these features which are essential for me.

I might check Threes coverage too. But those features I mentioned are a must.


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Guest tarquino

sainsburys is one, i think.

three should be good. they are usually good outdoors (urban). rural areas i cannot tell. they offer 4g as standard too.

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