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[HELP] Coolpad 8730L Network settings

Guest Moijordan

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Guest Moijordan

Hello there,

I think I have a little problem with my settings with my Chinese smartphone, he is compatible with almost all existing frequencies BUT there is a concern, I do not understand why my phone only displays almost the entire time that it is connected in 2G and 4G but I liked these quite annoying because 4G is not available everywhere in my country (Belgium, my operator is Mobile vikings - Base). I'm sure I set my phone to work with 2G/3G/4G 3 modes.

I do not understand why because my phone do CDMA and WCDMA my operator it is WCDMA.
So I try to look with Uncle Mobile Tools but I have no way to make the phone work with GSM / WCDMA / LTE the only option I have with the 3 mode does not include the WCDMA but CDMA.

Here are some screen to a better understanding of my problem.

My settings in setting app:


Photo : 1.png

My settings in mobile uncle is "unknow" :

Photo : 2.png


Photo: 3.png

My phone works on these band :
GSM band : 2/3/8
WCDMA BAND : 1/2/5
TD-SCDMA: 34/39
FDD-LTE : 7/3
TDD-LTE : 38/39/40

I really need help to have LTE/WCDMA/GSM in same time to have 3g fonctional when there is not 4g


Thanks you very much !!!!




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Guest Moijordan

143 views and no answer this is really sad how people don't help other and are just here to dowload and read tuto without thanks ....

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