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S4 and Video adpater not charging

Guest Argonaut

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Guest Argonaut

Occasionally I want to watch streamed from phone onto TV.

Advised not to just use HDMI lead as HDMI output & charging socket are same and you need to keep power to phone during playback.


On advice I bought genuine Samsung Video adapter  EPL-3FHUBEGSTD   this has a socket for charger ...

The video/Audio plays fine to TV so that side of things great, but the whole purpose of adapter is not working ... it does not charge phone (or even power from adapter) during use .....


Is there any firmware code or similar needed to allow this ?

Charger is genuine Samsung one and works fine


Phone is S4  GT I950S  running    4.4.2     no hacking or rooting carried out - standard phone.

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