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[ROM] [4.4.2] Emotion UI 2.3 & 3.0 (Huawei UI)

Guest slime00

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Google translate with my edits:

Flashing may loose ROOT, and if you do not want to mess with rooting, then download the SuperSU
and do not double clear in recovery while flashing it (flash it together with rom - use TWRP)
Tips: wait a moment for flash to finish, everyone please be patient, directly see the three wait a moment,
that is only expressed Brush completed Oil ROOT personal reaction is not normal, personal use RMG Sticky REC
Unicom version (WCDMA) please flash baseband patch (thanks RMG) 
So it is TWRP recovery and select this for flashing: EMUI rom, SuperSU and Baseband patch!
Based on Huawei's latest firmware update transplant 11.20
Self-test, Bluetooth, camera, wifi, signals, etc. are normal
Initial start-default ringtone may be mute, you can restart the phone
Supports USB mass storage capabilities
Huawei DTS sound is turned on (on phone model displays G750-t01, do not change, does not affect use)
Have streamlined a lot of useless programs, optimize standby etc.
Retains the driving mode and voice assistant
Add the perfect ROOT permissions, add busybox instruction set
Support the keyboard lights turn off (thanks RMG)
Find / system / leds folder, click the Execute
button-backlight-OFF.sh # button lights off
button-backlight-ON.sh # key lamp is turned on
EMUI updates
[The recommendation]
New system unfamiliar numbers marked effectively predict user harassing phone calls (currently there are 50 million backend database for identifying unknown number)
When adding a variety of mood embellishment watermark for pictures
New songs song identification feature, identify the surrounding tempted song lyrics synchronized in the native implementation download
New life Yellow Pages queries, built-in 12 categories of life service information, support 274 cities nationwide enjoy query
Optimization of the default data card option Function
Repair of Four headphone volume control key functions
U disk storage mode to repair the function ringtones
Repair information screen faster call setup function entry
Repair card two SMS storage is full when there is no full tips
Call keyboard and display brightness function optimization
When optimizing dual card online, you can set the main card dialing
Optimization voicemail service enabled by default status
Repair invalid number dialed after the end of the call the speaker did not mention Gray
Conference repair phone picture display function
Repair the call log to make calls, prompted to select the card key function
No repair call settings screen quickly put out the call entry options
Repair enter the call details, use the card a call, the interface displays an error
Repair desktop weather clock weight after weather update is complete, position and temperature showed a truncated
Repair signal when full grid status bar displays no service
When repairing dual card for the same mobile operators, network name is displayed inconsistency
Optimization of notification bar notification messages display the progress bar
Optimization of notification bar desktop layout features
Optimization remove camera Echo (Honor 3C related)
After optimization set panoramic camera is not smooth
APP can not open repair some problems such as: China Construction Bank
Repair lock screen to the next emergency call, dial 110 feature
[Weather Clock plugin]
Repeat Open lead optimization weather clock run stop function
Repair weather clock widget character display function
Unicom / WCDMA version plus brush baseband patch


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there is emui 3.0 by some style dev found on pan.baidu

it has multi windows and float windows,status bar....it's overall too good emui 3.

Which EmUI and where from?

Could you provide more info?

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Guest m@nish123

I am heavy user and the emui 3.0 of that giving 6hr

continuously wifi on,whatsapp,fb,nfs played 1/2 hour,browser continuously,real boxing 1hr+ and many more apps

only bug is accelerometer as we face mmx user




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Guest m@nish123

We are very happy too... but would you share with us which developers witch version is used by you? :-)

ya will share it....soon currently i am out of home
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Guest m@nish123

Come on man.... This is too good to be hidden away from us lol

if u told me...then lol why should i hidden and not share link [emoji58] Edited by m@nish123
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I'm interrested in 3D & SD performance benchmarks of recent 3.0 versions.

I suppose that they have been released with kernel from latest stock KK firmwares for F1.

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