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Hardware issue? No sound and strange behaviour

Guest Maximus9

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Guest Maximus9

My phone started making a high pitch noise, then no sound. I could say there is a small chance some water got in there (but cannot be sure).

But doesn't this phone have 2 speakers, one in the back? Which one is used when you put a call "on speaker"?


Restarting sometimes made it work for a few minutes. Not any more.


Could it be the speaker? Seems to be very related to software as well as when the sound is not working, no video can be played (This video cannot be played), as if the drivers are missing. I cannot film a movie either. 


Does this makes sense to anyone?


I am thinking about trying to replace the speaker myself (I have no warranty as I unlocked the bootloader) but cannot find any tutorials.

I would pay to get it fixed but not sure where to go yet and I do love to get my hands dirty myself.



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