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How to root your Hudl 2

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest paulm663

Hi Paul, iv been following ur post on rooting the hurl 2. Iv have seen that there is still a few problems with this. As I need it done desperely I'm trying to find other ways of doing wot I need. Can u plz tell me if there is away to root it yet. I have installed the disabled services n that has stoped the update for now. Thanks again, Paulm663....

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Guest revderek

How long might it be before "how to root your Hudl 2' post is now online" really is online or where can I get at it?

I'm trying to unlock my Hudl2 but fastboot doesn't find the device even though adb lists it fine. I really need to get this thing rooted and I'm prepared to have a go at the img myself but I've got to get it unlocked first!

SuperSU comes up with a signature error every time I try it, the bootloader tells me no suitable image is found - where next?


:-) Derek

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